Management – where from

In our work, we find that modern telecommunications are a major aid. At the same time, though, we continue to accord a high degree of importance to face-to-face conversations. And, actually, we can't see this ever changing in the future.

For this reason, our excellent location in Waldbrunn (Westerwald) generally proves to be extremely useful.

The infrastructure that we have here is superb in all respects. We are in the center of Germany, between the commercial centers of Rhein-Ruhr and Rhein-Main.


We are less than one hour away by car from Cologne and Frankfurt.

Luxembourg, Brussels, Switzerland and Austria are within easy reach also. Charter flights come and go at a small airport only 14 miles distant.

With the excellent rail and air connections that we have here, it is easy to go pretty much anywhere fast, reliably and in comfort.

Management – what of

We always use tried and tested instruments to administer business operations. At the same time, we make the maximum use of cutting-edge technologies.

In this regard, we keep in mind not our own interests but those of our client and the project. To the extent that our instructions envisage right from the start that management functions will be assigned, we can implement this objective as soon as we are brought in or else can join in with any such situation where it has been initiated already.

We can handle an exceptionally wide range of missions; such as, the initiation phase of a branch or agency in Germany; or the winding up of a branch or agency in Germany. In some situations, we might supply agency services temporarily; or we could work on the implementation of one-time sales campaigns or events that are temporary in nature and yet need someone to appear in our client' s name; or we could initiate and supply continuous administration of revenue sources.

Management – our method

We are entrusted with many, many different types of projects. Also, our contacts and interactions with people, their preferences and contexts are truly multifaceted.

We are called in to advise on conflicts and also to give active assistance on handling conflict situations. We have no trouble in supplying consensus in a given situation; even between parties from totally different cultures. In fact, our ability to do this gives us a high level of job satisfaction.

It is our experience that gives as an accurate perspective. Where there is no agreement at the outset, agreement can't be created by force. Solutions have to be worked at, and in fact, a high degree of persuasion work is sometimes necessary. And that means that any mediator has to have the ability to listen, which is where we come in.