Discretion – Obligation of confidentiality

Often, the first questions people ask us are of an emphatically sensitive nature.


For this reason, we always ensure that each and every inquiry – whether or not it leads to the award of an actual project – is handled confidentially from the start. In this regard, we always try to meet our clients' requirements with both impartiality and understanding.

We always carry out the projects entrusted to us in a reliable way; and exclusively within the scope of the instructions of, and totally for, the advantage of our clients. At no time, do we ever lose sight of our obligation of confidentiality. If, in order to progress our work, it ever becomes necessary to reveal part of our projects to third parties, this is always done cautiously and, in case any areas of doubt arise, only after previous consultation with you, our client.

We find it easy to maintain at all times our hallmark combination of in-house integrity and professional seriousness towards outsiders.

We embody the essence of the word "discretion" – discretion that lasts automatically, right from the start, right through to the end of any potential client relationship. And of course beyond.