Overview about our clients

Here you find an overview about our customers which we have advised and accompanied:


Branch of business, occupation, performance or function, item of enterprise, special primary key


Glass and porcelain ("china")

Hydrotechnic (oil-barriers)

Insulating materials

Communication technologies

Instrument engineering

Paper industry (base, raw, fine, precision)

Tools, precision mechanic and engine construction

Chemical products (medicine, food-admixture, pesticides and insecticides)

- retail trade
- wholesale
- import
- export

Chemical products (see above)

Marine equipment and ship's gear


Non Food (textiles, crafts, construction machines, tools, technical consumption goods, fancy goods, articles of virtue, optical products)

Building trade

Builder ["Baubetreuer" and "Bauträger"]


Building construction, civil engineering

Rent and lease of construction machines


Electric installer, tinsmith (plumber), heating installer, hairdresser, glazier, varnisher, painter, mechanician, saddler, locksmith, tailor, shoemaker, joiner

Catering trade

Public house, eating-house, inn

Restaurants, hotels and ships

Travel, touristic

Agencies and brokers

Bus and navigation

Cinema (movie theater)


Amusement trade / -park

- ocean vessel
- vessel of inland nav.

Fishery (ocean)

Freight transportation

Passenger transportation (ferries, voyages, trips)

Agents, broker

Loan, real estate, insurances

Self-employed persons

Architects and engineers

Doctors and dentists, veterenaries

Lawyers and public notaries

Tax consultants and auditors

Investment advisers

Management advisers


Automat trade, vending machine (laundry, games, merchandise trade)

Security trade/ -guard (security services and personal security)

Forwarding agents and freight carriers

Political party

Societies and foundations

Administration of assets, trust business

Advertising agencies (communication, media design)

Openness to the conversation indispensably

On the one hand accurate and thorough work is a condition for the success of work, which must be characterised by highest quality. On the other hand, is the willingness and the openness to the conversation indispensably in order to close possible information gaps. Further this is necessary to solve conflicts. In our work, those indirectly involved are always important to us. Indirectly involved parties, who closely follow the processes, thinking along and sharing their thoughts.